mandag 19. desember 2016

Stick it Down - December inspiration

It's time for more inspiration on the double sketch at Stick it Down in December.

Here is my take on the sketch:

As you can see, I have used a lot of photos on this page, I think I ended with almost 50. I printed out three pages covered with photos and cut them out, just to put them together again. I first wanted to make the photocollage before printing, so that I didn't have to cut them all out, but I struggled with that and didn't have time to find out of it. Now I'm really satisfied with doing it this way, and why you will see on some of the closeups.

The photos are all from one single daytrip I and my husband did in November in Grand Canyon. We walked the South Kaibai Trail from the top on the South Rim down to Skeleton Point, over 600 meters downhill and about 5 kilometers walk down (and then up again).

I began to think about how to scrap all the photos we took that day, and remembered the sketch I had done for Stick it Down for December. I thought it would be perfect displaying many photos.

Here you can see that I have glued some of the photos on adhesive pads, so they pop up. 
I have also used some Prima wood veneer frames to highlight some spots.

 Here it is on another spot.

Here are some more wood veneer and a photo poping up.

Another couple of photos that pop up.
(And yes, it is a photo of the temperature, it was a bit over 50 faharenheit this day. That was a very good temperature for this walk.)

 And of course I have a handwritten journaling about the walk. In addition to the wood veneer I have used some halfperls as embellishment on this page. With all the photos it wasn't a lot of space for embellishments.

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Tina Campbell sa...

Wow this is a gorgeous layout and so many photos that is so cool :)
Tina DTsister