mandag 4. juli 2016

Winner from the Stick it Down Blog Hop in June

I'm so sorry for the delay of this announcement.
Things happens in life and I totally forgot about this.

So, first a great thanks to Denise Bryant, who sent me a reminder.

I gave you all a number, and two got two numbers, for following, and put all the numbers down on a piece of paper and draw from here:

The winner is:

and the lucky girl who got that number was Phillis Walrath.


Send me your address on email, hanne.g.sinkerud @ (cut out the two blanks).

and this will come to you:

Thank you all who participated and for all the kind comments.

I got a comment about that it was hard to fine out how to follow my blog. I checked the Bloglovin link and it was wrong. Now I have put in the right link. So on the right side boarder you will find two possible ways to follow this blog.

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