mandag 4. desember 2017

How to?

Are you making double page layouts?
Are you having trouble presenting them on a blog or instagram?

It isn't just easy to get great photos of double page layouts.

I will share with you how I do it.

I usually take a photo of my double page layouts with my camera (of course you can use a mobilephone or ipad or so).
To get a good photo of the layout there are a few things to remember:
1. Use a white background.
2. You need good light, daylight is to prefer, but not right in the sun.
3. You got to take the photo as straight as possible, eighter by having the layout on the floor or by hanging it on the wall.

I put the layout on a white cardboard on the floor, somewhere were the light is good. It can look like this. In winter the daylight are very limited here, so I often take my photos with the door open to get the most out of the light (outside is often too cold and some snow):

This time I also took photos of one page at a time:

I take the photo as straight as I can, standing over the layout. This is how my photo of my layout looked:

I use the free program PhotoScape, which can be loaded down from here:
You can use any program you want to edit the photo in.
In Photoscape you can put two or more photos together, so it is easy to take one photo of each side of your double page and put it together after editing them both.

After I have edited it looked like this:

And this was the result of the two photos put together:

Here is how I use it to edit my photo in Photoscape:
1.      I open my photo in the Edit modus.
2.      I crop the photo, so it’s just the layout plus some paper around.
3.      If necessary I rotate it and straighten it up.
4.      Then I crop it again, so just the layout shows.
5.      It’s time to adjust color and lightening. I’m no expert, so I just try different thing until I’m satisfied.
6.      Resize the photo. I usually rezise to 1280 x 640 (1280 x 1280 if it’s a single page).
7.      Save

How to put two layout pages side by side in Photoscape:
1.      Open the Combine modus
2.      Select Horizontal
3.      Select photo one and then photo two (you can change the order up where ou can see the two small photo icons.
4.      Save

On Instagram you can now put in a photo that is not a square with all four sides the same.
Open your photo in Instgram an resize it til you can see it all, then you will have a rectangular photo showing off your double page layout.

If you have any questions about this, please ask.

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